Can You Keep These 5 Workplace Resolutions?

Lose weight, quit smoking, exercise more... these are just a few of the most popular New Year's resolutions people make to enhance their personal life. This year, how about enhancing your professional life, too? Build the foundation for a successful year with the following workplace resolutions.

  1. Know your customer. Whether you have internal or external customers, put yourself in their shoes. Find out what they expect from you and deliver it on time every time...with a smile. Good communication skills, such as asking open-ended questions and actively listening, are essential to understanding your customer's needs.

  2. Upgrade your technology. Stay abreast of the latest software, hardware, and office equipment that can lighten your load. It may take some extra time and effort upfront to learn a new process, but in the long run you'll become more efficient and productive.

  3. Network. Joining a business or trade organization sparks new ideas and new business opportunities. Whether it's a networking group centered around a specific industry, like advertising or IT, or a group that's open to all business people in the community, it will keep you energized and connected to others.

  4. Get organized. You say it every year, this time do it. Good organization lets you spend more time on your actual work and less time trying to find that missing memo or stapler. Clear drawer clutter with compartment trays, file your projects with color-coded folders, neaten your desktop with portable shelves...the organizational possibilities are endless.

  5. Give something back. There are all sorts of charitable causes. Find one you care about - mentoring children, helping at a soup kitchen, delivering meals, donating financially - whatever feels right for you - and commit to it. You'll grow personally and professionally while also helping grow a stronger community.

This year be among the 50 percent of people who successfully keep their New Year's resolutions and enjoy a productive, rewarding year. Good luck!



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