Office Cleaning-Spring Cleaning Tips

Office cleaning is always a priority, and there is never enough time or money to have certain cleaning done on a daily basis. Every office is in need of a good spring cleaning and it doesn't always have to happen in the Spring. Cleaning these areas about once a week will leave customers, clients and staff noticing a bright clean business and they will react in a positive manner.

Here are a few areas to look at when Spring Cleaning your office area:

• Top of high shelves/doorways/cupboards

• Underneath moveable objects

• Carpets

• Outdoor storage areas

• Unused/occasional use areas like indoor storage areas

Detailed cleaning of kitchen area (Once a week):

• Defrost fridge

• Microwave

• Electric appliances

• All IT equipment as bacteria can live for an extended period in many cases

Detailed cleaning at your workspace (Once a Week):

• Keyboard

• Mouse

• Telephone

• Headsets

• Desk chairs and other soft furnishings

• Computer monitor

• Computer

• Lamps

• Desk

Do not spray your cleaner directly onto the objects. Spray your cloth and wipe them clean. Make sure your computer and monitor are turned off before cleaning.

Also, allow yourself to see the office as a potential client does. Sit in the waiting area or the chair across from your desk where your client would sit. You are bound to see the areas that need cleaning or improvement from the client's perspective.

By deep cleaning the office regularly, everyone using the area will adopt the same standard in their workspace, moral will be high, and productivity will follow suit with employees working enthusiastically.

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