Four Steps to Organizing Desk Drawers

Tired of rooting through your desk drawers to find that old business card or a decent working pen? If your desk drawers look more like junk drawers overflowing with sticky notes, hand sanitizers, ketchup packets, and tangles of paperclips, it's time to get organized. Orderly drawers make it easy to find exactly what you need when you need it, making the day run smoother. Best of all it takes just a few simple steps to de-clutter.

Step One: Empty
What You Need: Cleaning Solution, Paper Towels, Drawer Liners
Remove the entire contents of each drawer one at a time onto your desktop, table or floor. Every random staple, crumpled shred of paper and file must come out. This is the only way you can see exactly what's in there and assess how much the drawer can hold. Now, clean them completely with cleaning spray and a towel. Replace ripped drawer liners with nonslip liners to keep items in place once finished.

Step Two: Purge
What You Need: Trash Can, Storage Containers
Now's the time to be ruthless. Toss anything that doesn't work like dried up markers and pens. Can't bear to part with some things? Put them in storage containers and stash on a high shelf or closet for later use. If after six months you haven't used them, toss, recycle or donate.

Step Three: Plan
What You Need: A Small Box
There's no one "right" way to organize, so first plan your drawers based on how you use them. Keep items you need regular, quick access within close reach, typically your top desk drawer. To help determine what those items are, empty the drawer and place the contents in a small box. When you need an item, remove it from the box and place it in your top desk drawer. At the end of the week review the items placed in the drawer and organize them in a way that works best for you.

Sort through the items that remain in the box and store in a lower drawer those things you still need but use infrequently. Toss, recycle, or pass along to a co-worker any leftovers.

Step Four: Organize
What You Need: Drawer Organizers of Various Sizes
Once you've got your plan in mind, now you can make the arrangement permanent and neat. Choose drawer trays, organizers, and small boxes in various sizes so you can change up the configuration as your needs change. MySupplies specializes in offering an enormous variety of organization tools for your drawers. With lots of colors, shape and sizes to choose from, you're sure to find just the thing that strikes your fancy.

The more appealing your drawers, the more likely you'll be able to maintain them and you can find what you need at a glance. A little time spent today means a less stressful day tomorrow. Organize now!



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