Top Must-Have School Supplies for Students and Teachers

With the school bell poised to ring, parents, students, and teachers are streaming into stores in search of supplies. Gone are the days of hop-scotching from one store to the next. This year it's all about getting everything in one stop. Here's what they'll be looking for. 

  • Calculators - Printing, non-printing, pocket-size, or scientific, calculators in every shape, size, and price, continue to be among the best selling of all back-to-school supplies.
  • Pens, pencils, highlighters, markers - A necessity for every student, every school, everywhere.
  • Pocket calendar - One of the most underrated items, a pocket calendar helps with everything from dating an assignment to planning a research paper.
  • Cell phones - While talking during class isn't allowed, it's a family necessity for schedule coordination.
  • Ruled notebooks - Get a different color for each subject. This year consider going green by buying those made of recycled paper.
  • Binders and pocket folders - For organizing miscellaneous handouts and papers.
  • Backpack - Big enough to hold various shapes and sizes, but not too large for the child.
College students
  • In addition to the above, popular items for the college-bound include:
  • Planner - Electronic or paper, this must-have helps keep projects, papers, and assignments on track.
  • turdy backpack or messenger bag - While a shoulder-style messenger bag keeps things neatly arranged, a sturdy backpack (or one on wheels) easily accommodates the heaviest textbooks.
  • Laptop - An everyday essential for class work, research, and communications.
  • Flash drive - For those times when you can leave the laptop at the dorm, conveniently carry your work in your pocket.
  • Markers - Including fine-point, thick-point, and plain (non-toxic).
  • Colored chalk - Livens up the lesson and helps make an important point.
  • Index cards - Great for customized flash cards, teacher's notes, and general organization.
  • Post-it notes - Handy labels and reminders.
  • Color folders - Keeps classes, subjects and lesson plans together.
  • Tape - Both transparent and masking for multiple uses.
Get the school year off to the right start with the right stuff. Find all these supplies, and much more, at your local office supply store.



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