Elementary School Supplies - 5 Things You May Not Have Considered

So you're shopping for elementary school supplies, checking things off the list. You've got crayons, tissue, ruler, pencils, lined paper; check, check, check. These are the essentials for the elementary school experience. But in all the list-keeping, item-checking back-to-school frenzy, you may be missing out on the joy and delight of those special items, the kind of things that will add sizzle and sparkle to the elementary school adventure.

In other words, there are probably some school supplies you haven't thought of. These won't appear on the school-issued shopping lists, but they're great to have. Some parents and students claim that they are essential. What's more, these supplies will help to spark inspiration in your elementary scholar.

1. Personalized Stuff - Having personalized school supplies immediately creates charm. By adding his or her name to a lunchbox, backpack, or pencil, you add a level of appeal that's impossible to achieve otherwise. Personalized school supplies take the mundane boredom out of everyday objects, and turn them into prized possessions. Buying personalized school items means that you will, of course, purchase the supplies on the list. Instead of being the same old boring supplies everyone has, you can have supplies that are cool and fun.

2. Desk Organizer - Elementary school desks can easily become a jumbled mess of papers, pencils, and who-knows-what-else. It's easy to eliminate much of the mess with a simple plastic desk organizer because it makes keeping things ordered a breeze. By investing a few dollars in a desk organizer, you can help cultivate your child's sense of orderliness and decorum. Besides, with a clean desk, it's far easier to find that essential pink eraser when she needs it.

3. A Pencil Box or Bag - While on the subject of organization, don't forget a pencil box. Pens, pencils, highlighters, and retractable erasers have a knack for fleeing into crevices and dark crannies - never to be found. A pencil box is the perfect solution. These make life a lot easier and mean your kids will rarely lose those personalized pencils.

4. Mechanical Pencils - Guess what happens to the traditional yellow number two pencils? To begin with, they break, they have to be sharpened all too often and they provide a very tempting thing to chew on. The solution is mechanical pencils. Even a first-grader can use a mechanical pencil with ease. Just make sure you buy extra lead refills.

5. Thermos - If you send your child to school with lunch every day, a thermos is a must-have. Sandwiches and juice boxes can get boring. With a thermos, you can serve up delicious hot meals such as spaghetti, hot dogs, soup, chili, macaroni - you name it. Having a thermos means you've got the ability to give them warm, nutritious meals with a lot more variety than you can have with sandwiches.

You want your child to be taken care of while at school. Adding these things to your list of elementary school supplies is a great way to start school.

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