Summer Survival Tips

It's summer (finally). Being in the office is a drag. The sun is shining, your Facebook news feed is filled with people bragging about their days at the beach or 'Summer Fridays', and the full-blast A/C in your office is no longer a relief from the heat, as you are left shivering with a blanket wrapped around your whole body. How can you type when you can't feel your fingers? Here are five tips to get you through summer at your office:

Stay Cool Without Dressing Inappropriately
Summer weather also means less clothing. Ladies, keep your skirts and dresses just above your knees at the shortest, don't wear spaghetti strap tops, and please don't wear flip-flops. Men, don't wear shorts, sleeveless shirts, or sandals. It's just not professional. Wear light fabrics and avoid skin-tight clothing. No one wants to see that. Or hear your shoes making noise down the entire hallway.

Go Outside for Lunch
Take that lunch break you deserve. Sit in the sun and soak up some Vitamin D. Eat your lunch outside. Go for a walk. Taking a break clears your mind and makes you more productive, while also keeping you limber from the freezing A/C.

Schedule Happy Hours
Plan on meeting friends or coworkers for Happy Hour nearby. It gives everyone something to look forward to during the workday and you can take advantage of the long daylight hours. Just make sure you eat something and don't drink too much. That never ends well.

Take Advantage of Summer Fridays
Some offices give out Summer Fridays where you can take off or take half-days. USE THEM. Make a schedule with your team early, as everyone is bound to fight over days and whose activities are more important. Maybe you can negotiate a work-from-home day so you can do some work outside in the nice weather.

Use Your Vacation Time
It's ironic that the higher level you are, the more vacation you get, yet you don't have as much time to use it. Plan weekend get-aways or week-long trips. Make sure you tell your team in advance so there are no conflicts. Remind your boss every once in a while that you will be away so it won't come as a shock when you leave and everyone forgot. Make sure all of your work is done before you leave and that you communicate whether your coworkers can call you or not during your vacation. Everyone's different, so your boss may think you are fine with that if he is. Wrong. Ahhh... summer.



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