Top Ten Reasons to be Thankful at Work

Long hours, bad bosses, and lack of appreciation are just a few typical workplace complaints. But while occasional grousing may help ease tension, if negativity dominates your daily thoughts it's time to swap it for an attitude of gratitude. And there's no better time than Thanksgiving to do it. Here are the top ten reasons to be thankful you have a job.

You Get Paid

Truth is, most of us show up every day for the money. We have financial obligations to meet like a mortgage, car payment, school loans, as well as everyday living expenses. With these tough economic times, not everyone can say that. Simply receiving a regular paycheck ranks high on the list of reasons to be thankful at work. Whatever your income, you have a job that pays you for your time and effort, often with benefits like paid holidays and vacations.

You Develop Friendships

In addition to a regular paycheck, enjoying your colleagues is a key contributor to a positive work experience. The conversations, support and shared interests you develop with co-workers often lead to lifelong friendships. Take time to get to know the people you work with. Besides making a friend, they may even help you with your next career move.

You Get to Laugh Sometimes

In certain companies there's a stigma associated with laughter, because it may appear you're not taking your work seriously enough. Lighthearted moments, however, break up the monotony and help you bond with coworkers. Whether it's the prankster down the hall or a creative brainstorming meeting, it's good to laugh and have a little fun. The happier you are, the more productive you are.

You Have a Sense of Accomplishment
It doesn't matter if you're sweeping a street or managing your own multimillion dollar corporation, a job well done brings satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Reaching a goal builds confidence and encourages you to set and reach new ones.

You have opportunity to share your unique talents

You're one-of-a-kind. In the entire world, there is no one who thinks like you, has your experience, talents and personality. Celebrate and share your uniqueness.

Your Competitors Challenge You

Someone is always nipping at your heels. As much as you may want competitors to go away, they also challenge you to get creative and try new approaches you might not otherwise. Thank them for keeping you on your toes.

You Make a Difference

In large corporations it's easy to feel like a small cog in a big wheel. But without the cog, the wheel won't run near as smoothly. Always know that whatever you do, it's part of a bigger picture and that your job matters or it wouldn't exist.

You Keep Your Mind Sharp

Working keeps you mentally stimulated and challenged as you learn new skills and deal with new people and situations. This keeps your neurons and synapses firing on all cylinders.
You Probably Enjoy Certain Tasks

If you're one of the few people who enjoy every aspect of every project, you're one of the lucky ones! Most of us like certain tasks more than others. Whether you love leading a meeting or writing a report, relish those moments and try to do them regularly.

You Solve a Problem

Your job exists because there was a problem to solve. The receptionist solves the problem of how to field phone calls. The job of inventory manager exists to solve the problem of ensuring the company does not run out of widgets. No problem, no job. We see this more and more as email has replaced postal workers and self-checking registers have eliminated grocery store clerks. Be thankful for the problem your job solves.

Work is not always a bed of roses, nor is it all thorns. Instead of longingly dreaming of future retirement, be thankful for what's good today. You'll be healthier and happier for it.



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