Top 10 Holiday Business Gifts

While it may be easy enough to find the perfect holiday gift for friends and family, it's an entirely different matter when it comes to business associates. You want to get them something memorable, but not too personal, something high quality, but within a budget. The good news is that you have lots of choices. The bad have a lot of choices! A dizzying array of options can leave you confused and frustrated. Whether looking for the perfect holiday gift for important clients, top performers or co-workers, the following can give you some pointers for selecting the perfect present.



Check Corporate Policies. Many companies and government agencies limit the dollar value of a gift or prohibit it completely. Check with your recipient to determine their policy.

Look for Quality. Your gift is a reflection of you and your company. Select something that matches the quality of your work. You'll find plenty of top-notch items that won't break the bank.

Include a Personal Message. Along with holiday greetings, personalize it by adding a heart-felt note about your appreciation for their business.

Wrap it Up. Presentation is everything, so if you're all thumbs when it comes to gift wrap use a service to make it look classy and elegant.

Schedule It. Be mindful that many people take time off and some companies even close down during the holidays. Make sure your recipient is in the office to receive your gift, especially if it's perishable.


Get Too Personal. Avoid gifts that could be interpreted as too intimate like cologne, bath salts, lotions, or other personal care items.

Wait Until the Last Minute. Purchase holiday business gifts early. Wait too long and inventory and shipping options may be limited.

The Top 10 Holiday Business Gifts Sure to Please

Calendars. According to a recent survey, nearly 50 percent of small businesses plan to send cards or calendars. If you choose to do the same, make yours stand out by using a unique size or design, possibly using photos you or your employees have taken.

Gift cards. As long as you've chosen an appropriate restaurant, store or online retailer, this allows your recipient to select what they want. Be mindful of company and IRS limitations, typically $25.

Food. Who doesn't like a special treat? The key is to know what they enjoy. Chocolate, coffee, bagels, cookies, and other pastries are among the top choices.

Charitable donations. If you make a donation on your client's behalf, select one that's not controversial and one that your recipient feels an affinity towards. Popular options include medical research, nature conservancy and disaster aid.

Books. Readers can never have too many. Match the book with their interests whether that's business, cooking, gardening, or travel.

Pens. Despite our electronic world, there's still room for a beautiful writing instrument. There's nothing like the feel of a high-end pen. For a special touch, have it engraved with a meaningful message.

Desk Items. Crystal paperweights, business card holders, desk caddies, mouse pads, coasters, clocks, or picture frames are popular items and will be a top-of-desk reminder of you all year long.

Travel Items. The globe-trotter will appreciate unique luggage tags, a travel alarm clock, compact umbrella, or document holder.

Personalized Stationery. Lots of people write individual thank you notes and special messages to co-workers and clients and will appreciate personalized cards and envelopes.

Plants. Consider a seasonal bouquet or planter to brighten up their office. For recipients with a green thumb, select plants or herbs they can transfer to a garden in the spring.

Business gifts can help cement a business relationship and leave a favorable impression of you all year long. With a variety of options, you're sure to find the perfect gift and within your budget too. Talk to your Local Office Supply Dealer for more great ideas on how to create a memorable impression that will last well past the holiday season.



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