Sustainability Tips - Short & Long Term


Unplug your electronics
Many appliances consume energy even when you're not using them. This is called 'phantom load', and it can cost you $100 or more per year. Prevent it by directly unplugging electronics or by plugging items into a surge protector/power strip and turning the whole strip off when you leave a room.

Adjust your thermostat
Turning up your air conditioning by several degrees can reduce your energy bill, keeping CO2 out of the air and dollars in your wallet. In the winter, putting on a sweater instead of blasting the heat can also save a hefty amount of energy.

Alter your driving habits
Small changes to your driving style can make a big difference in carbon emissions.

Stop iding: An idling car gets exactly 0 miles per gallon. If you are parked or stuck in a gridlocked traffic jam, turn it off.

Accelerate gently: Hard acceleration just takes you to the gas station faster.

Reduce your speed: Think about how much more energy it takes to run than walk. Now think about how much more gas your car uses at 70 mph than at 55 mph.

Green-clean your clothes
Greening your laundry is as easy as hitting the cold water button and drying your clothes on a rack instead of in machine. You'll save money on electric bills too - about 5% of all electricity used in U.S. homes is used to dry clothes.



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