Summer Office Party Games

Celebrate summer and sun with an office party full of food and games for employees to enjoy. From messy games, such as water balloon fights, to strategy games, such as scavenger hunts, office party games can reinforce the idea of teamwork and liven up the spirit of your office setting.

Water balloon fight

For this game, you'll need an outdoor area with little to no people or car traffic. Buy balloons from your local party supply or discount store. Determine how many employee teams you want to create and buy a specific color of balloons for each team. Two or three teams is ideal, unless you have a large number of employees. Set ground rules, such as no water balloons to the face.

Once a participant gets hit with a balloon and it explodes on him, he's out of the game. The last person standing represents the winning team.

Hula contest

Purchase hula skirts, coconut bras and leis for employees to wear during a hula competition. Rather than only playing typical luau music, make a compact disc that includes a compilation of the employees' favorite music. Whether it's classical, hip hop or country, the contest participants need to alter their hula movements to match the beat of the music. Let employees vote to pick the winner.

Ice cream eating contest

Warm summer days and cold treats are nearly synonymous. Buy vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavored ice cream for this contest. Challenge interested employees to a "five-scoop ice cream showdown." The objective of the "showdown" is to be the first person to finish your five scoops of ice cream.

Volleyball game

Put up a volleyball net and let employees test their skills getting the ball from one side of the net to the other. Let employees pick their teams before the day of the event. For a workplace with a large number of employees, use multiple nets and set up a tournament.

Scavenger hunt

Create a set of clues that hint at items employees need to search for as a part of the scavenger hunt. The items can include office supplies, items commonly used by employees or items from places in the community. Let employees pick teams of two or three people. Give each person a copy of the clues. Give employees a time to meet back in the office, whether they've completed the hunt or not. The group, who finds the largest amount of correct items, wins the game.



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