How to Make Your Office Environment More Comfortable

You can work much more efficiently and increase your productivity and work satisfaction if you have a comfortable work space. Improving the ergonomics of your desk is not a difficult task. You need to concentrate on your chair, posture, work surface setup, lighting etc in order to work efficiently and comfortably.


Your posture is the most important factor that needs to be considered while designing your desk. You should have a very good chair that can be adjusted till you are seated in a comfortable position. It should support your back, buttocks, legs and arms in such a way that you can sit comfortably. Usually, ergonomic chairs allow you to adjust height, armrest and backrest. You should be able to operate it with one hand even while seated. When you sit on the chair, you need to make sure that your lower back is supported appropriately. You can use a small cushion between the backrest of the chair and your back if the chair does not provide enough support.


As you might have to spend a considerable amount of time at your desk; you should concentrate on your posture to ensure that you are in a neutral body position. The neutral body position is when your head is at a neutral level, shoulders are relaxed, back and feet are completely supported and hands and hips are parallel to the floor. You should not have to lean forward to see the computer screen. You should not sit in the same position for long periods so get up and walk around every 15 minutes.

Work Station

Even if you sit comfortably but the work station is not properly set up you might not be able to work efficiently. Work surface should be adjusted to suit your comfortable posture. There should enough space below your desk for your legs. The surface should have enough space to keep you monitor, telephone, pen holder etc. Your monitor should be kept directly in front of you and the top of your monitor should be at your eye level. The keyboard and mouse should be kept on a platform that can be easily moved and locked as you need. You should have storage areas that are easily accessible from your position, so that you can keep necessary documents, stapler etc there.


You should not have to strain your eyes or move your head frequently to see clearly, because of poor lighting. Sometimes, glare on your screen can also disturb you while working. If possible, you can change the position of the monitor so as to avoid direct glare on the screen. You can use a glare screen if you have glare issues due to windows or fluorescent lights.

Take Breaks

Take a break; just leave the computer for 4 or 5 minutes. Repeat this several times each hour. Taking a long break once in a day would not be as useful as taking many short breaks. Also, blink your eyes frequently or use eye drops to avoid eye strain.



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