Making Your Office Staff More Comfortable

The more comfortable your office is, the happier your workers will be. A bright, friendly and appealing office that gives employees some small luxurious will mean staff have a better attitude towards work and can even be more productive. If your office is not getting the best out of your workers, here are some straightforward tips for improving your office.

Flowers & Plants

Plants and flowers are excellent in creating a comfortable space and can make things much more visually attractive for your employees. Consider keeping fresh flowers in your reception area or if you don't have money in your budget for weekly flowers, fake flower arrangements can work particularly well.

Indoor plants like Yuccas, Fan Palms and Snake Plants are also great choices for the office. These are usually very durable and don't require lots of sunlight and can also be hired rather than bought. You can keep indoor plants in office corners or against walls or even install planter boxes on the walls, which can also double up as storage space.  Plants and flowers also help to increase oxygen and improve air quality in enclosed spaces.


Good office furniture is a must for a comfortable office and you should provide quality desks and desk chairs for your workers. If it's feasible, investing in ergonomic furniture will work wonders for your staff comfort and means a reduced risk of injury or strain for your workers. If you do choose ergonomic furniture, couple this with yearly or quarterly ergonomic assessments for your staff.

Break Away Spaces
Boosting the comfort of your office may also mean creating separate, 'break away' spaces for your staff where they can go to eat lunch, hold informal meetings or simply relax and unwind during breaks (think of the games rooms in Google offices, for instance).  Adorn your break away space with bright colours and quality chairs and lounges to maximize comfort and positivity.

Temperature Control & Air Quality

It's essential to make sure the temperature and air quality are controlled and maintained in your office, particularly if you're in a large, high-rise building. While in a smaller office it's easy to open a window, regulating air conditioning or heating in a bigger office can be challenging. And of course, cold workers or over-heated workers are not happy workers.
If your air conditioning is managed by an external company or building manager, build up a good relationship with them and keep them informed about any instances where the air quality and temperature is not being sustained. Alternatively, you may want to consider providing your staff with portable fans for their desks if your office gets very hot, but beware that portable heaters in the winter can upset central air conditioning.

Glass Walls

If you feel there are lots of 'barriers' in your office between employees and managers or even between different departments, why not install glass walls or doors? This will create an open office feel and will make your staff more comfortable about their relationships with others. A manager with a glass office, for instance, can't hide anything. For those keen on creating a whole new look, remember that specialized glass walls can also be used as make-shift whiteboards, while others can be colored and designed to display your company logos or colors.



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