Make a Clean Start in 2017

We've all done our share of spring and fall cleaning, but if retailers are any indication, the new calendar year is becoming just as big a time for cleaning as either of the seasons that come before or after. Fortunately, there are dozens of new products out there that make cleaning easier than ever before.

While everyone is accustomed to cleaning their kitchens, bedrooms and baths, we rarely take the time to think about, let alone clean, our offices - whether they are at home or in a big corporate center. In fact, people whose offices are located outside the home rarely, if ever, think about tidying up their office. They leave that chore to the cleaning people, which, let's face it, do not take the time to clean up every individual office; that's the occupant's job. Here are some tips for keeping yours neat and tidy.

Out of Sight
Invest in file cabinets, rolling or stationary, that keep files enclosed and dust-free. Too many files or books on a desktop collect dust, not to mention, occupy valuable desk space. Keeping your desk clear of all but the most important items and work at hand, will make for a more productive workday.

Clean from Inside Out
If you open your file cabinets and find they are untidy, consider re-doing your files. Toss dog-eared manila file folders with handwritten titles and replace them with new, crisp files with bold new labels. Consider color-coding your files; blue for one project and green for another. Match up the labels and print them on a laser or inkjet printer.

Also consider upgrading your hanging file folder system. These can become overstuffed with too much paper. Whoever said we are becoming a paperless society was probably off the mark. We still save a lot of paper, which is likely to also be content found on our hard drives. Toss old paper, thin out files and re-label. It takes some time, but once it is done, opening a file drawer to see everything clearly will pay off by saving time spent searching for information.

Get the Dust Out
Air dusters, those aerosol cans of air that can be sprayed into the crevices of your keyboard and mouse, get rid of trapped dust, crumbs and other leftovers from any snacks you enjoyed during the workday. Microfiber dust cloths are also good to keep in a desk drawer to wipe up your bookshelves, desk, computer monitor and other electronic equipment. It is rare that any cleaning person, even the best, remembers to tackle all of these areas every time.

Also, consider that there are some aerosol furniture polishes and cleaners that actually help repel dust. These products are good if you want to increase the length of time between dustings.

Keep Sanitizer On-Hand
Keep some anti-bacterial hand sanitizer in your office drawer for when you return from a meeting that involved a lot of handshaking, particularly if someone had the sniffles. Cleaning your hands immediately will cut back on germs and you may find that you will have fewer colds than you would have suffered had you not sanitized.

These are simple tips for cleaning that will help any office worker, at home or off-site, make a clean start in 2017.



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