Melissa B., Budget Administrator, Fulton County Marshal's Department

It's high time I took a few minutes to commend your staff for outstanding customer service. I met Cathy and Shelley a few years ago as we planned to update our offices. Since that first meeting there have been funding set backs, changes of plans and requests for re-design. Through it all, Cathy and her team remained patient, professional and accommodating to our every request.
I still, on occasion, return to Shelley's 3-D design drawings for kicks. (How does she do it?) Also, the installation crew members are on-time, timely in their work and attentive to details that we, on occasion, over-looked. Cathy and ALL her colleagues were a pleasure to work with and watch. As we near the finished upgrades, I marvel at the new effect. Cathy and Shelley made some awesome recommendations and selections!

The Marshal is ecstatic at the result. I am ecstatic at the savings. We look like a million $ but only you, Purchasing and I know that we didn't pay that much. What else can I say? Freeman Forms and Supplies has developed a long-term friendship with the Marshal's Department. They did their jobs excellently and we appreciate it.

Melissa B



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