Charlotte D., Office of Grants Management

I've worked with Freeman Forms for many years an always receive good service. However, I must acknowledge the "OUTSTANDING SERVICE" that my office received from Cathy.

Now, let me start: I contacted Freeman Forms in July to get assistance in ordering furniture for my Director office. I had an idea of what I wanted to order but wasn't quite sure as to what type furniture, the size, color, office arrangement, etc. I was referred to Cathy. Cathy and I talked briefly and she said let me come see the office before we place an order - Cathy personally visited my office the next day, with measuring tape, books and ideas that I had not even thought of.

When Cathy arrived and looked at the office, she measured the space, gave me ideas on how the office should be arranged. She recommended the furniture, fabric for the chairs and I was extremely pleased with the recommendations. After she left the office, Cathy emailed the layout that displayed how the furniture would look in the office and also provide an exact delivery date.

Now, to the delivery: The delivery team arrived between 8:00 and 8:30 a.m. The delivery crew had the layout that displayed exactly where each piece of furniture was to be installed. The delivery team was extremely professional, helpful and knowledgeable about the installation. They ensured that I was totally satisfied with the furniture and the delivery. Cheryl, another representative, arrived with the delivery and also ensured that I was satisfied with the delivery and the furniture before the delivery team left the building.

Now, to the furniture: The quality of the furniture was exceptional, the fabric is absolutely beautiful. Cathy transformed an office with old outdated furniture and turned it into a beautiful office (it doesn't look like the same space). The office belongs to my Director and he was extremely pleased with the furniture and arrangement. Everyone in department came to see the New Office Makeover Provided by MySupplies and all love it! Now my Executive Director wants an office make over of course, Cathy has started the ball rolling!

Charlotte D.



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