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Who is MySupplies

MySupplies is one of the oldest woman-owned independent distributors of office supplies and furniture in the state of Georgia.

Since 1970, MySupplies has been helping customers maximize their time and resources by providing an extensive selection of the most current workplace products and services. We work in close partnership with each customer to tailor programs that meet specialized office requirements and changing business demands.

As a smaller business, we are not confined by red tape and layers of management. What this means for you is that we have the ability to be innovative and make needed adjustments, adapting at a faster rate than larger companies.

We believe in our company - and most importantly we believe in the people we employ and the customers we serve. We have thrived in a competitive market while still holding on to the principles of small business ownership, therefore offering our customers better service, competitive pricing, and a true "hands-on" approach to their daily needs.

With today's new office technologies, coupled with the demand for maximizing and controlling your business budgets, choosing the right office supplies at the right price can be a confusing but necessary task. So give our Service Excellence team a call today and let us help you work through all of your business needs.MySupplies is dedicated to bringing you the best service and prices along with new business solutions that will help you thrive!

Convenience. Satisfaction. Innovation. Productivity.



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